Slavery hasn’t gone away during lockdown

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Year on year the number of slavery victims found in the UK has been growing exponentially with a 52 per cent increase from 2018 to 2019. Not in 2020. This… Read More

Scaling up our impact on slavery: Victim Navigator Programme Update

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Over Christmas, we supported Maria* as she travelled home to Romania to give evidence against the traffickers who had taken her to the UK and forced her into sexual exploitation. With… Read More

Shopping ethically this Christmas: Fighting modern slavery in the festive season

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How to shop ethically this Christmas: A buyer’s guide to fighting modern slavery in the festive season This week, the BBC has shone more light on the appalling plight of… Read More

Letter to the editor: Anti-Slavery Day 2020

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Press Release: 18 October 2020 Justice and Care and a coalition of human rights organisations have written an open letter calling on the government to support two proposed laws that… Read More

Time for Action: Anti-Slavery Day 2020

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Exactly nine years ago I marked my first Anti-Slavery Day, having been invited to a number of events by its founder Anthony Steen including a reception at 10 Downing Street. … Read More

Slavery in the Pandemic: Part 2

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Last week the Home Office published its latest quarterly statistics on the number of slavery victims entering what is known as the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) – a system for… Read More

Statues and slavery

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A debate is raging about whether it was right to tear down Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol, and whether other statues should face the same treatment. Today the Mayor of… Read More

Responding to the killing of George Floyd

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Like so many others I find myself horrified at the appalling, tragic and racist death of 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis. This was a man pleading for breath, held under… Read More

Dhaka’s dilemma

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The room was laden with electric fans but the air remained hot and stuffy. Barred windows were open, the walls were crumbling, the stairs were slippery and the fabric piled… Read More

It only takes a minute to take a stand

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At Justice and Care people often ask us what they can practically do, as individuals, to fight slavery. It is a brilliant question, particularly because ‘getting involved’ is not always… Read More

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