Harriet’s Heartbreaking Story

Categories: Stories , Survivor Stories

Last month in Manchester, Harriet* who is a British survivor of sexual exploitation tragically passed away from a heart-related illness. Our Navigator, who had been supporting Harriet in her recovery,… Read More

Ukraine Crisis: What is happening and what are we doing?

Categories: Blog , Stories

We are horrified and sickened by the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are no words, only a deep sadness and longing to do anything to help those affected.  One… Read More

International Women’s Day: Empowering women through education

Categories: Stories , Survivor Stories

A key part of our aftercare work in Bangladesh is done by empowering survivors of modern slavery to reintegrate back into their communities – by rebuilding resilience and hope for… Read More

Empowering employment

Categories: Stories , Survivor Stories

Cristian* is a modern slavery survivor our team in Romania have been supporting. As part of his recovery to rebuild his life, we have been helping Cristian find a new… Read More

Urgent review needed

Categories: Stories

It is important for justice to be seen to be done. Today, we have written to the Attorney General for a formal review into the shocking sentence handed to Peter… Read More

Reunited for Valentine’s Day

Categories: Stories , Survivor Stories

Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to spend time with the people you love. This Valentine’s Day, thanks to your support, Violeta* will be reunited with Darian*. Violeta* is an… Read More

A face Gini will never forget

Categories: Stories , Survivor Stories

Gini* is a survivor we recently supported in Bangladesh. Our team helped Gini to register her case with the Criminal Investigations Department. Unfortunately, Gini could not provide a name for… Read More

A New Vision for Supporting Victims of Modern Slavery

Categories: Blog , Stories

Last week many of us will have watched the shocking BBC documentary ‘Sold: Sex Slaves Next Door’ about young women from Romania trafficked into UK brothels. A week earlier a… Read More

Five years of labour exploitation

Categories: Stories , Survivor Stories

Over the last five years Tomas*, a Slovakian man, has been a victim of labour exploitation in West Yorkshire. He was forced to work for his employer and made to… Read More

Lost and found

Categories: Stories , Survivor Stories

Over six months ago, Gemma* a Romanian survivor of sexual exploitation, who we had been supporting in the UK, sadly went missing. Unfortunately, before we could intervene and help Gemma… Read More

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