What is the true scale of modern slavery in the UK?

Based on police evidence, we can accurately estimate there are more than 100,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK – 10 times the number previously estimated by the Government.

The newly published report – It Still Happens Here, produced in collaboration by Justice and Care and  The Centre for Social Justice, claims the issue of modern slavery is likely to intensify in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and is already costing the taxpayer many billions of pounds.

To deal with the problem, the report calls for more Government action on the issue, better care of victims, which they believe will help bring those responsible to justice, and for more action to hold companies to account for slavery in their supply chains.

In total, sixteen key recommendations are made in the report and strongly endorsed by former Foreign Secretary Lord Hague in his foreword.

Download both the Full Report and Executive Summary below:

Justice and Care & Centre for Social Justice - It Still Happens Here Justice and Care & Centre for Social Justice - It Still Happens Here - Executive Summary

Nearly two hundred years after Britain formally abolished slavery, the terrible crime of holding another human being enslaved is still widespread here. Modern slavery is hidden from view even though it is all around us.”
– Lord William Hague

Traffickers abuse and exploit their victims in a multitude of forms with the most common types of exploitation being labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation and domestic servitude. 

Modern slavery is often linked to other crimes. Trafficking gangs will use the identities of victims to commit benefit fraud, and victims are also controlled with alcohol and drugs and may be forced to beg in the streets, engage in the sale of illicit tobacco or be exploited in brothels or car washes.

It’s time for the Government to:

  1. Bring more traffickers to justice
  2. Recognise the true scale of slavery
  3. Transform support for victims
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