Justice and Care started in India over ten years ago, where our team focussed on developing a groundbreaking end to end strategy for fighting human trafficking and modern slavery:

Community intervention – focussing efforts on the most at-risk communities to stop trafficking at source.

Investigations – working with police and state to uncover victims of trafficking and track down the criminal networks responsible.  

Legal – working to bring perpetrators to justice and secure compensation for survivors.

Aftercare – ensuring survivors have the support they need to re-establish their lives.  

Systemic change – providing decision-makers with the knowledge and recommendations they need to bring about wholesale change.  

We have worked hard to make the work in India self-sustainable, whilst harnessing the team’s knowledge and experience for the wider fight against slavery.  

Funding for the work in India is now raised in-country and our team are supported by leading foundations and businesses there.  

We continue to work together strategically with the Indian team – including in the sharing of best practice, as they develop a new portfolio of locally sustainable projects.

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