Mission and Values

Our mission is the same wherever we work: 

  • We empower the exploited to walk free from modern slavery and restore their lives. 
  • We work with the police to dismantle trafficking networks and help to safeguard at-risk communities. 
  • We partner with governments and key stakeholders to deliver large scale, replicable change.

Our values are fundamental to our mission


We build powerful partnerships. We work alongside governments, officials and agencies around the world. We walk alongside the exploited to ensure their voice is heard and justice is won. By sharing experiences, seeking diversity of thought, and supporting one another, we believe our vision will be achieved. 


We are up to the challenge. We are fearless in the fight against modern slavery. We dare to see a different world and are pioneering in our pursuit of justice of the criminal networks responsible and freedom for the exploited.


We know the work we do changes lives. We have the best people, drawn from different expertise and backgrounds – together offering the knowledge, the strategic nous and the highest standards in delivering processes and plans that will alter the status quo once and for all.


We will not stop in the fight against modern slavery. Full of hope, we will stand with the exploited as they rebuild their lives. With a thirst for justice, we will pursue all those responsible. With a focus on the big picture, we will do whatever it takes to see long-lasting change. Whichever obstacles we face, we will overcome them – however long it takes. 


We flex and shift, learning from others and leading the way as innovators in our field of expertise. We pioneer new ideas that have never been used before to bring about change. Success is not to be found in the size of our budget, but rather the ability to be agile and pioneering.

Donate today to help bring freedom

There are millions of people living in slavery today. Your support could help set someone free and bring those responsible to justice.