New podcast series ‘Trafficked’ from the Guardian

Julia* was trafficked to the UK from Eastern Europe. She was brutally exploited alongside, police believe, scores of other victims.

It is a story of trauma, but also hope. Of vulnerability, but also resilience. A story of how an extraordinary woman, supported by brilliant policing and the work of Justice and Care, took on her traffickers and won.

We urge you to listen.

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Trafficked, Episode 1 – the trap

In episode one, Julia takes us on a journey into the world of people smuggling and illegal work in the UK. We hear how debt is one of the most powerful tools used by traffickers to obtain complete control over their victims.

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Trafficked, Episode 2 – the closed door

In episode two, Julia talks about the years she was shipped between brothels in the south of England and explains how gangs would control and exploit the women inside. Sarah, our Navigator explains how she has supported Julia.

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Trafficked, Episode 3 – the operation

In episode three, Martyn investigates the gang and realises it’s all much bigger than he originally thought. Sarah and Martyn explain how difficult it is to get modern slavery charges to court and what the experience of speaking at trials is like for victims such as Julia as she battles for justice.

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Trafficked, Episode 4 – Marta

In the final episode, it is explained how Julia navigates the asylum system and attempts to get reunited with her daughter Marta. Also, Ahmed Ayeed, the director of public law at Duncan Lewis, explains how the government’s illegal migration bill will impact modern slavery victims if it becomes law.

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* name changed to protect identity