Disabled teenager who was held captive sees trafficker jailed

The teenager was trapped in a dark room with no food or water. Read more

Trafficker who used numbing agent on boy is jailed

The child was rendered unconscious by a chemical substance on a road. Read more

Justice and Care’s Scotland Navigators receive prestigious award

Justice and Care’s Victim Navigators have been named Policing Partner of the Year by Police Scotland Tayside. Read more

Q+A with Justice and Care CEO James Clarry 

Justice and Care’s new CEO, James Clarry, has looked back on his first weeks and shared why he is determined to stop modern slavery in its tracks. Read more

Groundbreaking victim identification guidelines rolled out across Bangladesh

Justice and Care drafted them on behalf of the Government. Read more

Trafficker who kept six men in garage jailed for more than nine years

The trafficker kept six men in inhumane conditions in his garage while taking their wages and controlling them with violence and lies. Read more

What next for the business response to modern slavery in supply chains?

We got together to discuss this huge issue at a roundtable with Nusrat Ghani MP, Minister of State in the Department for Business and Trade, alongside business leaders, investors and NGOs. Read more

The fight against modern slavery goes on after the Illegal Migration Bill passes

Tatiana Gren-Jardan, Head of the Modern Slavery Unit at the Centre for Social Justice and Justice and Care, on the Illegal Migration Act. Read more

Jess Phillips makes powerful speech on modern slavery for Justice and Care and CSJ

MP Jess Phillips has declared ‘it’s time for a new drive towards eradicating modern slavery and exploitation’ in a hopeful keynote speech for Justice and Care and the Centre for Social Justice. Read more

Cuckooing drug dealer jailed after taking over woman’s home

A drug dealer who took over a woman’s home and left her in fear of her life has been sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to multiple charges, as the cuckooing survivor is supported by Justice and Care. Read more

Survivors feel ‘hopeful for better life’ after successful Bangladesh programme

Survivors of sexual exploitation have praised Justice and Care for helping them feel ‘strong and hopeful for a better life’ in a new report revealing the successful results of an independent evaluation of a programme in Bangladesh. Read more

Trafficker jailed for eight years after confessing to modern slavery offences

A man has been jailed for eight years after confessing to trafficking two people into forced labour – with Justice Read more

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