Disabled teenager who was held captive sees trafficker jailed

November 10, 2023

A 16-year-old girl with disabilities who was abducted and held captive has seen her trafficker jailed for five years.

The teenager was trapped in a dark room with no food or water in order to harm her organs and force her into begging.

But she was fortunately rescued by heroic locals in Dhaka, Bangladesh less than five hours after she was abducted.

This case was one of the first Justice and Care began supporting under the witness outreach programme in Bangladesh, which aims to help trafficking cases to progress through the courts by supporting witnesses to attend.

After identifying the case as significant, our Legal Case Facilitator supported the complainant in providing testimony and offered various other aid.

We assisted seven witnesses in testifying before the court and provided financial support to four witnesses.

On top of legal backing, the survivor has received support from our aftercare team, which continues to be in contact.

The trafficker will pay substantial fines alongside his five year sentence.