It’s Time to Stop Slavery – our new campaign

October 7, 2022

Car wash sign - It's time to stop slavery

Justice and Care has joined forces with 17 other anti-slavery organisations on a new campaign to mark Anti-Slavery Day 2022, “Time to Stop Slavery”.

Working together under the banner of the Coalition to Stop Slavery the group is aiming for the new campaign to:

  • bring about a major change in public awareness of modern slavery, by educating people about the signs of modern slavery and how to report any concerns of modern slavery and human trafficking.
  • urge the Government to ban the import of all products tainted by forced labour and modern slavery.

Central to the campaign are two new commercials that have been made by the team behind the famous John Lewis Christmas ads.

You can check them out on the new Coalition website.

Coalition to stop slavery
What you can do to help stop slavery 

As well as learning to spot the signs of slavery yourself, there are two easy things you can do to support the campaign.  

1) Follow the Coalition social media, like and share its posts and encourage friends and family to follow, like and share too. 

Here are the links to the Coalition to Stop Slavery social media: 
Instagram: stopslavery_co 
Facebook: endallexploitation 
Twitter: @StopSlavery_Co 

2) Sign the new petition urging the Government to ban all products tainted by forced labour.

Slavery isn't obvious - it's time to put an end to slaveryYou can find out more about the Coalition and sign the petition at