Securing justice – handing down a 31 year sentence

March 20, 2023

A man has been jailed for 31 years for rape, sexual assault and controlling prostitution – in a case supported for almost two years by Justice and Care.

Since May 2021, our Navigators have been supporting twelve young women who were exploited by 40-year-old Nuruzzaman Shahin, of North Villas, Camden. 

The victims, most of them students, had responded to jobs posted by Shahin on job sites. When they submitted their CVs, he set up face-to-face interviews at his home address, requesting that the women bring their passport and proof of address to the meeting. He then took away their passports and exploited the women using coercion, violence and manipulation of their vulnerabilities. 

Since May 2021, our Navigators, who are embedded with the Met Police, have been providing care to twelve of the survivors in this case – eight of whom attended the trial and provided evidence. We provided support to the women including accessing counselling and housing support. 

Detective Inspector Jim Madden, from Central Specialist Crime, said: ‘From the outset of this investigation, the victims in this case have shown incredible bravery. This bravery has been on display yet again, with the key evidence they have provided in court during the course of this trial.’

‘I also wish to thank the investigation team who have diligently carried out the investigation into Shahin’s criminality, as well as our colleagues from Justice and Care who have been an integral part of bringing this individual to justice.’

Detective Sergeant Stuart Jack also emphasised the key role played by the Navigators, praising their professional approach and dedication, saying: “Their work has been nothing short of exceptional, and I put the fact that complainants have been able to give evidence as solely down to support offered by [the Navigators]”. 

Our Navigators will continue to provide support to each survivor, as they deal with the emotional aftermath of their exploitation. 

Director of European Operations, Cristina Huddleston said: “This is a fantastic example of great teamwork between the Metropolitan Police and the Victim Navigators. The Navigators have worked tirelessly providing support not only before, but during and post the trial process resulting in this amazing verdict.”

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