We have an incredible group of organisations and corporates that partner with us to make our work possible. It is only through collaboration, that the brutal reality of modern slavery will be destroyed once and for all. Governments, NGOs, business, communities. All of us.


Every company has unique objectives and interests when investing profits in social good. We work together with corporate partners to deliver strategic solutions that enable men, women and children to walk free from modern slavery, embracing collaboration with progressive organisations that share our values.

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Schools, faith and community groups

We partner with those in the community that care about eradicating modern slavery. We work together with schools, churches and other faith-based organisations to raise awareness of the issue through talks, events and fundraising activities. Please get in touch to request a speaker or to find out more about partnership opportunities.

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As we increase our strategic reach and impact, transforming the global response to modern slavery, we are looking to partner with individuals who share our commitment to end modern slavery and human trafficking by investing in our work.

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Trusts and Foundations

We collaborate with regional, national and international Trusts and Foundations to achieve our shared goal of bringing an end to modern slavery and human trafficking. We match projects to the strategy and aims of various Trusts and Foundations and regularly report back on their impact.

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Some of our partners