30 forced into prostitution. Now rescued!

September 21, 2017

In March 2017, after careful intelligence gathering and groundwork, Justice and Care helped the police rescue 30 young women and children from multiple brothels in a town in South India. Located close to an arterial road, criminal networks had established a presence to traffic young girls from across the state to this town. The girls – some as young as 13-years-old – were forced into the trade by initially luring them from distant villages with the promise of jobs. During the intervention, the team arrested 35 alleged traffickers, including 21 women who are now behind bars.

Once recruited from their homes and villages, the girls found themselves in situations with severely curtailed freedoms, suffering extreme physical and mental abuse, including imprisonment and physical brutality.

When attending to the girls, the aftercare team found that many of them suffered from poor health and a few from HIV but were still forced to have sex with 10 – 12 men every single day. A few even shared accounts of being beaten and traumatised by their keepers on a regular basis.

With the alleged traffickers and brothel owners now in jail, our lawyers are working to ensure they are held to account for the abuse inflicted on those in their custody.

The girls are now safe in shelter homes and our counsellors regularly visit to help process their terrifying ordeal. In the years to come, we will do everything we can – from counselling and medical attention to proper home investigations and repatriations – to see each rescued girl live a happy and fulfilling life.