A mother’s joy at daughter’s wedding

March 9, 2018

Poorvi’s* story is defined by her unrelenting determination to create a better life for herself and her daughter.

Finding herself in a financially unsustainable marriage, Poorvi moved back to her family home in order to earn her own living to support herself and her young child. After being lured by the promise of a more secure job and better pay, Poorvi then travelled to Bellari in South India where she was trafficked into a brothel. Here she was subjected to frequent beatings and sexual abuse.

A year later and as part of a staggering rescue effort conducted by Justice and Care and local police, Poorvi was removed from the brothel. During the rescue, she played a pivotal role in gaining the trust of the younger victims. They looked up to her as a mother figure and she encouraged them to work with the Justice and Care team. She was later repatriated back to her hometown and joyfully reunited with her parents and daughter.

Through the support of Justice and Care’s aftercare team, Poorvi began working at her parents’ shop, allowing her to save money. She was determined to earn enough to fund her daughter’s wedding. She says her happiest day was being able to attend, and pay for the ceremony and she even invited the Justice and Care team along. She now works at an orphanage so she can continue to support herself and her daughter.

The support that Justice and Care are able to provide to Poorvi has meant that she can now look forward to a safe and stable future in which she and her daughter can live a settled, happier life. Her gratitude for the efforts of Justice and Care are best expressed in her own words:

‘I had no dreams of being rescued or even returning home, but here I am – back at home with my daughter! I am so happy that Justice and Care saved my life from that bondage. I was able to come back to my family and give my daughter in marriage.’