A New Year and fresh start for Eva

January 8, 2019

At just 13 years old, Eva* was targeted by a trafficker. Pretending to be in love with her, he tricked her into marrying him. He then persuaded her and her aunt, who was also just 18, to go to India with him, promising them both a better life.

Once they arrived in Mumbai, both girls were locked in separate rooms. The trafficker and his wife then forced them into prostitution.

For a few months, the girls were kept trapped in the brothel until the case was referred by the police to Justice and Care. Our teams were able to rescue the girls and provided them with all the immediate care they needed. Thanks to the support, both Eva and her aunt confidently recorded their evidence in the Indian court, leading to the sentencing of the trafficker and his wife.

Later that year, Justice and Care supported Eva and her aunt on their repatriation back to Bangladesh. They again recorded their testimonies in the local court.

Justice and Care have helped Eva return to school and her family to become financially stable in order to care for her. Eva has had psychosocial counselling sessions and life skills development training to help her adjust to life back at home.

“Now it seems I am getting all things back which I had lost,” Eva said while thanking Justice and Care for their support.

*Name changed to protect identity.