Border rescue: Two children rescued and brought home

October 21, 2020

Two children have been rescued at the Bangladesh/India border and reunited with their families, thanks to the work of Justice and Care.

The 13 and 14-year-old girls were spotted as potential victims of human trafficking by border guards who had been trained by Justice and Care – through our award-winning partnership with the country’s border force.

When the guards intervened, the woman who was trafficking them fled. Our team was asked to provide support to the children and to help track down their families.

Both girls come from highly vulnerable backgrounds. Each has parents that have separated and live in very poor communities – which made them very susceptible to being trafficked, we suspect for sexual exploitation.

Since their rescue a little over a week ago, our team has been able to undertake a home assessment and find the most appropriate family member to live with. We are now supporting their families to ensure the children are able to go to school and stay safe.

Thanks to your generosity, we will continue to provide support as long as is necessary to the two children and their families. We are proud that not a single victim with whom we are working in Bangladesh has been re-trafficked.