Empowering employment

February 25, 2022

Cristian* is a modern slavery survivor our team in Romania have been supporting. As part of his recovery to rebuild his life, we have been helping Cristian find a new job where he isn’t exploited.

Unfortunately, Cristian recently interviewed unsuccessfully for a job via a recruitment agency. However, our tenacious Navigator intervened, persuading the prospective employer to interview Cristian directly. We then helped him to intensively prepare for the interview.

Cristian was successful in this second interview and now has a job in a factory producing car parts, where he receives both a decent wage and safe on-site accommodation. This has enabled Cristian to send money home to his family and to live away from the OCG (organised crime group) which controls his home village.

Cristian also continues to support the police investigation into his exploiters and 13 accused are undergoing trial. Cristian is due to provide his testimony shortly as a key component of the prosecution.

*Name changed to protect identity