Five years of labour exploitation

January 24, 2022

Over the last five years Tomas*, a Slovakian man, has been a victim of labour exploitation in West Yorkshire. He was forced to work for his employer and made to live in a farm outbuilding.

Our Navigator has been supporting Tomas and helping him to understand his rights and choices and to engage with police, which is helping guide the police investigation.

The Detective Sergeant involved in Tomas’s case commented:

“If ever there was a good advert for what a Justice and Care Navigator can do for an investigation here it is… I very much doubt that the enquiries as detailed would have taken place without the assistance of the Navigator and colleagues in other force areas.”

“It starts to give some of these modern slavery investigations a chance, which may have just otherwise fallen by the wayside.”

We will continue to support Tomas through the police investigation and hope to bring the perpetrators of his exploitation to justice.

*Name changed to protect identity