Harriet’s Heartbreaking Story

March 16, 2022

Last month in Manchester, Harriet* who is a British survivor of sexual exploitation tragically passed away from a heart-related illness.

Our Navigator, who had been supporting Harriet in her recovery, had built a brilliant supportive relationship with her.

We helped Harriet move into new accommodation and address her challenges with substance misuse – she had been making real progress in her recovery.

One of the workers at the Safe House where Harriet had been staying contacted our Navigator to say:

“I had a chance to speak with Harriet yesterday before she went into hospital, and she spoke very highly of you. She said she’d felt like the doctors had given up on her and she had almost given up on herself, but when you picked up her case it gave her more hope than she’d had in a long time, and that she was really committed to staying clean and getting well again because she wanted to make you proud of her.”

Even after Harriet’s tragic death, Greater Manchester Police are liaising with the CPS with a view to still use Harriet’s vital evidence in the trial of her exploiters.

We hope to see justice served in memory of Harriet and all that she went through.

*Name changed to protect identity