Honour-based violence

January 21, 2022

Recently in Essex, our Navigator has been supporting Ash* a victim who has experienced honour-based violence as well as labour exploitation.

What is honour-based violence? 

This term is used to describe incidents or crimes which have been committed to protect or defend the honour of a family or community group. 

The abuse could include forced marriage, domestic or sexual violence, rape, physical assaults, harassment, kidnap, threats of violence, witnessing violence directed towards a sibling or another family member, and female genital mutilation (FGM).

To begin with, Ash was very afraid to support the investigation into her abuse.  However, our Navigator, coordinating with police and an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor, supported Ash and helped her build the confidence and bravery to give an Achieving Best Evidence interview with police.  

Our Navigator continues to support Ash through this process which has included helping her to access safe housing and Ash is willing to support any prosecution in the future. 

*Name changed to protect identity