Kidnappers jailed in Bangladesh after stealing babies for adoption

February 1, 2023

Three women responsible for kidnapping and trafficking babies have been jailed for a total of 25 years in Bangladesh thanks to the work of Justice and Care.

In the two separate cases, the babies were taken by traffickers who had planned to sell them on for adoption. Yesterday, in separate hearings supported by Justice and Care, the women were found guilty and given long sentences. 

In the first case, the baby was taken by a childminder – who had been providing care for the four month old. Whilst his parents were at work, the woman took the child and travelled hundreds of miles in order to sell him. 

Police were able to track her down in time and rescue the baby. Our legal team have supported the case – making sure witnesses were able to attend court to give vital evidence resulting in the conviction. 

In the second case, a twin boy was kidnapped just hours after being born. Whilst their mother was resting, the trafficker took the baby. She and another woman then tried to sell him – but again were tracked down in a major operation by police.

Justice and Care has provided long term legal help to the family, ensuring that the women responsible were successfully tried. In both cases, the traffickers who took the babies were given ten years imprisonment – with the accomplice in the second case given a five year term. All also received extensive fines. 

All of the children were safely returned to their families and are doing well. It has taken more than two years for the cases to come to court. 

Hasibul, who led our work on the cases, says they were both particularly harrowing and complex. “All trafficking is vile. Separating though newborn babies from their parents shows the depths of depravity that some are willing to fall to simply to make money.”

“Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice. In both cases it was difficult to track down witnesses and convince them to give evidence in court. We are delighted by the verdicts and I know that the families impacted are too.”