New play shines light on domestic servitude in UK

October 12, 2023

We are delighted to partner with not-for-profit theatre company, Living the Drama, to raise vital awareness of modern slavery through their upcoming production ‘Can’t See For Looking’.

The play tells the story of Rosa, a Filipina domestic worker, who finds herself enslaved in London, overworked, underfed and regularly beaten while being told she’s ‘an illegal, a no-one, a nothing’.

Her one hope is a friend of her employer, Hetty, a kind and friendly woman who sees her bruises and shows concern. But when faced with actually doing something to help Rosa, she refuses.

Scared into silence, having been warned the police will imprison her, Rosa gives up all hope until she meets Angel, a fellow Filipina who finally plots her escape to freedom. 

Written by Carolyn Lloyd Davies with Franchezka Cunanan, ‘Can’t See For Looking’ opens at The Cockpit theatre in Marylebone on 18 October, Anti-Slavery Day, and runs until 4 November.

As a special offer, tickets are reduced to £12 for all performances in Anti-Slavery Week (Oct 18th – 21st).

This fast-moving and shocking drama is based on extensive interviews with five Filipina domestic workers all supported out of exploitation in London from the most hidden form of modern slavery.

The play is inspired by these true stories and highlights the prevalence of modern slavery within the UK, and how reluctant people often are to report it because of what it would cost them to confront their neighbours, employers or friends.

Tickets are available online: 

Use code CSFL12 when booking to access the special offer.