Organ trafficking survivor’s story spotlighted on Radio 4 documentary

June 28, 2023

BBC Radio 4’s flagship documentary programme, File on 4, has taken an in-depth look at the shocking story of Daniel* – a young man from Nigeria who was trafficked to the UK in an organ harvesting plot.

‘The Organ Harvesters’, investigates the case that sparked legal history with the first ever conviction for organ trafficking under modern slavery laws in the UK.

It includes how Justice and Care was able to provide support to the survivor as he bravely brought those responsible – among them, a leading Nigerian politician – to justice.

Street trader Daniel, from Lagos, was brought to London after being promised a ‘life-changing opportunity’. It was only when he was taken to an NHS hospital for a consultation that he realised powerful traffickers were planning on taking his kidney.

Speaking on the programme about how our Victim Navigator helped the survivor, Cristina Huddleston, Director of European Operations at Justice and Care, said: ‘It was very clear that he was very scared and incredibly confused.

‘It was things like watching sport on the TV, going for walks, just offering an ear to listen and a presence that would reassure Daniel that he is safe.’

Despite his traffickers being locked up, Daniel now lives under safeguarding and may never see his family again as he fears being arrested or killed in Nigeria. He is being helped by a Navigator to start rebuilding his life and hopes to finish his education and play football.

Although a rare case, according to the BBC Radio 4 documentary, Daniel may not be the only person brought to the UK to have a kidney taken. Authorities are currently investigating other suspected instances of organ trafficking in the country.

Spare 40 minutes of your time to listen and raise awareness of this vile crime. You can tune into ‘The Organ Harvesters’ on BBC Sounds now.