Rescued in India: Bringing freedom and justice

September 23, 2020

The rescue of a teenage victim of slavery – made possible by our Bangladesh team, has led to another girl being set free and a human trafficking ring identified.  

Last week the missing 17-year-old Bangladeshi girl was tracked down to a hotel in Hyderabad, India, where she was being held locked in a room.  Working with partners and police, we rescued her. 

Police found another victim at the hotel during the rescue – both teenagers had been trafficked for sex by a cross-border network. Three suspects have been arrested.

Justice and Care is now working with police in both India and Bangladesh to investigate the rest of this criminal group.  Further arrests are expected shortly, as we seek to bring these people to justice.

We are caring for the teenage girls – helping them to start to recover from the abuse and return home safely.

“Justice is both seeing those responsible pay for their crimes, but also helping victims to rebuild their lives and flourish. We are fighting for both in this case and beyond.”

 – Tariqul Islam, Country Director for Bangladesh

In a separate operation, another victim of slavery was rescued in an operation in Mumbai, having been trafficked from Dhaka, and her suspected trafficker has been arrested as a result.

Thank you for your ongoing support. The pandemic brings its challenges, but we will not let it stop us from saving lives and bringing brutal traffickers to justice.