Siblings Reunited

March 4, 2018

Brother and sister Mina* and Sundar* were just 14 and 15 years old when they were taken from their home and sold into slavery. The siblings were separated from one another until Justice and Care helped facilitate their reunion.

Taken from eastern India, Mina and her brother were forced to travel to the north where she was sold into domestic servitude and Sundar was sent to work in a factory. Mina was subjected to extensive mental, physical and sexual abuse until a local resident found her unconscious and she was admitted to hospital. After receiving medical treatment, Mina was transferred to a shelter where her case was passed on to Justice & Care whose hard work enabled her to be returned to her family.

Meanwhile, Sundar was forced to work long hours, without food or pay. It wasn’t until months later when Justice & Care conducted a factory rescue that Sundar was found and the siblings were reunited. Now, after receiving proper counselling and medical support, Mina is training to become a seamstress and Sundar is employed and is able to provide for his family. Justice & Care continues to support the family and now they are able to look towards a happier, safer future together.