Survivor’s family supported through Small Business Initiative

July 26, 2018

Brothers Roji and Kadhar* were trafficked and forced into bonded labour when they were just 12 years old. Taken from a hamlet in Northern India, the boys were sent to a bangle factory, far from their village, where they were frequently beaten and made to work up to 18 hours a day with limited food and sunlight. A year later Justice and Care, working alongside local police, was able to rescue them.

Identifying the young boys’ potential to transform their own lives, Justice and Care worked tirelessly to ensure they received compensation from the State for what had happened to them. Testament to the boys’ endurance and motivation, as well as the dedication of Justice and Care staff, both Roji and Kadhar are now enrolled in school and are pursuing their studies with enthusiasm.

To help keep the boys safe, Justice and Care has helped their parents set up a thriving local shop and vegetable selling business, which provides a stable income for the family and which they are now looking to expand.

Their family acts now as a source of motivation for the entire village, whose residents can see the value of sending their young children to school instead of work and have tangible evidence of the benefits of making a sustainable living.