The phone call that broke Rashid

February 14, 2017

Rashid was working away to make ends meet. The phone call, when it came, changed his world.

His beloved daughter, just 17, had gone missing. He began the long journey home feeling helpless. Sick with worry, he knew the fate of young girls who fell into the hands of traffickers and wept as he travelled. Rashid knew the odds were stacked against them.

“We cried and cried and although we had rice in the house, we just didn’t eat it,” he said. “We thought even if we were rich, we would be useless as we’d lost our daughter and no amount of money could bring her back.”

At the local police station, Rashid was put in touch with Justice and Care’s missing people team, who have handled 300 cases in the last few years. And, so far, have reunited 160 families. Including Rashid’s.

We told Rashid that Justice and Care were able to help. Help we provided because of your generosity. He’ll never forget the moment his daughter came home.

“One day we were outside and we saw a girl walking across the paddy fields. When she was some distance away, we realised it was Aanya*. We ran towards her. We were so happy we wept with joy and embraced her. No father or mother, daughter or son should have to go through this.”