Traced across the country and rescued in 72 hours

October 21, 2017

The police and Justice and Care successfully rescued 13-year-old Kajal*. Kajal went missing from a remote village in East India in what turned out to be a shocking case of bride trafficking.

When she was on her way to school one morning, Kajal was abducted and taken thousands of miles from home. A few days after she went missing, Kajal managed to get hold of a phone and spoke to her father, sharing information about her location and captors. A First Information Report was filed the same day and the local police began investigating.

After her abduction, Kajal was forcefully “married” to one of the alleged accused who sexually abused her. She was then sold to a brother of this accused, who got “married” to her and abused her too. Within 72 hours of receiving information about the missing child, the Justice and Care team assisted the police in not only rescuing Kajal but also arresting all the accused, saving her from further harm and exploitation.