Trafficked twice by her own husband

October 26, 2018

Palki* grew up in an extremely poor family in the Jessore District of Bangladesh. At just 14 years old and at her parents request she was married and a year later she gave birth to a baby girl.

Not long into the marriage and struggling with desperate poverty at home, her husband and in-laws travelled with her across the border to India, where she took up work as a house maid for a wealthy family.

However, her husband had other ideas for her and decided that it would be more lucrative to force her into prostitution. She was kept in a Mumbai brothel where she was made to see many men every day.

A month later, she was rescued by police, placed in a Shelter home and repatriated to Bangladesh.

But on returning home to the poverty she had fled, she once again became vulnerable and her husband forcibly re-trafficked her back to India, where she endured another cycle of rape and abuse.

Fortunately this second time she was rescued by Justice and Care in a joint operation with police and placed into a Shelter home in Mumbai. During her time recuperating, Justice and Care provided her with intensive support, including training in a variety of skills, from tailoring to jewellery making and even a beautician course.

Determined to give her children a bright future, Justice and Care then supported Palki with an investment to help her set up her own beauty parlour, through which she now earns a stable income and is able to provide for her family.

With the support from Justice and Care, Palki was also able to bravely testify through our Video Conference tool to India to convict her traffickers.

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