Tricked and trafficked: Jai’s Story

June 15, 2021

In Bangladesh, we supported the rescue of 25-year-old Jai* who had been working with her husband, Ameer*, in a jute mill. During the lockdown, their family had experienced financial hardship and so Jai jumped at the opportunity when a recruiter promised her work in a beauty parlour in India.

Jai was told she could earn in one day at the parlour what she earned in a week at the mill. Was it too good to be true?

Sadly, Jai was tricked by the recruiter and instead was trafficked to a brothel in Hyderabad where she was sexually exploited. Ameer had no idea what had happened to his wife.

Our Justice and Care team in Bangladesh helped Ameer lodge a missing person report, and we coordinated with the Bangladesh Police Bureau of Investigation and law enforcement in India to secure her rescue. Thankfully, Jai is now safe, rescued from her nightmare.

One trafficker has been arrested and remanded in custody in relation to Jai’s case. The trafficker was second in charge of a criminal network responsible for trafficking Jai.

Jai is currently awaiting repatriation and will soon be back home and reunited with Ameer.

*Names changed to protect identity