Survivor Information

Who we are 

Justice and Care is an independent charity that works to support people who have experienced of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. Whilst being independent from Police, we work alongside the Police and other agencies to improve the lives of survivors and support them with their needs. 

What is a Victim Navigator?

A Victim Navigator is a trained professional who can help you with your needs by providing one to one support. We are not part of the police or courts which means we are totally independent. Our main aim is to help you with personalised support, so you can rebuild your life to live safely and independently.

We do this by helping people understand their rights, exploring their options and supporting them with their goals. We work with other agencies to get any specialist advice people may need and arrange any necessary help they are entitled to from other services.

How can a Victim Navigator help you?

A Victim Navigator can help with….

  • Exploring and understanding your rights
  • Finding accommodation 
  • Communicating with other agencies, and providing translation services if required
  • Supporting you to access financial support
  • Medical appointments, including mental health
  • Attending meetings with you 
  • Finding legal advice and help
  • Contacting members of your family and friends
  • Understanding your immigration status and supporting applications to stay in the UK if required
  • Returning home 
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Helping you understand any legal processes and Police investigations you may be involved with
  • Obtaining compensation (if appropriate)

Our experience tells us everyone accessing support will have different needs and wishes and our personalised one to one support reflects this. We will be led by you in terms of what types of support you think are most important and suited to your needs.

How often will I see my Victim Navigator and how long does support last?

You will meet with your Victim Navigator regularly and support will last for as long as you require it. We know from the people we have worked with previously that support can make a difference for even a short amount of time. We can seek to support you even if you return home, and home is outside the UK. You choose if you want support and you have the choice to withdraw from support at any time.

What if I don’t want to support a Police Prosecution?

Regardless of whether you choose to support a Police Prosecution or not, we will continue to support you, providing you would still like support. We will always encourage you to support the Police with investigations as we believe perpetrators of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking should be brought to justice, and we can help put in place safety measures to keep you free from further harm, but, this will always be your choice and does not impact on receiving support.

Who is eligible for support from a Victim Navigator?

Currently, all referrals for support come from the Police following a successful assessment process. We can offer in person or telephone support and signposting to other individuals and agencies that can be of help. 

Let us know how we’re doing

We are constantly trying to learn and improve the quality of the services that we offer to you. If at any stage you would like to provide feedback, or raise any issues or complaints, you can do this through the following channels, either anonymously, or providing your contact details if you would like to receive a response from a member of our team. If you would like to report a serious incident or safeguarding concern, this can also be done through the channels listed below and these will be immediately flagged to a senior member of staff. Feedback will be treated in confidence and will never affect your access to services.

Through your Victim Navigator: You can provide feedback or raise any concerns directly through your Navigator, and ask for this to be passed on to management at Justice & Care.

Online feedback form: You can contact us through the dedicated feedback form on our website which can be filled in anonymously, or you can provide your contact details if you would like to receive a response. This feedback will be reviewed by our management team. A link to this form is available on the card provided to you by your Victim Navigator.

Other Useful Contacts

Modern Slavery Helpline

08000 121 700

BARKA (Helpline for Central and Eastern European (CEE) Migrants) (Polish, Romanian, Russian and English Speakers Available)

0800 171 2926 

(Mon-Wed 9:00am-16:00pm) 

Migrant Help

0808 8000 630

Stop The Traffik UK 

+44 (0) 207 921 4258


0800 555111

Police Non-emergency


Police Emergency