Every 30 seconds a child is taken
40.3m people are in modern slavery
1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children


The Texel Foundation has pledged to match all donations of new Freedom Network givers for 12 months, until the match funding pot is used up.

Your donation can make DOUBLE the impact – at no extra cost to you!

Give now and you’ll receive:

Help bring sons and daughters home

Every 30 seconds a child is taken. Someone’s daughter, someone’s son, taken, in the time you have been reading this. Action is needed now. By joining the network you’ll be helping bring victims back home to the people who love them most.

Unique insights

You will receive a quarterly impact report, providing you with insights and inspiration from the frontline and helping you to see how your investment is making the difference.

Breaking news

Whenever we help rescue a victim, bring a criminal to justice or shape legislation - you will be among the first to know.


The Freedom Network brings together many different people, united by a shared vision to end slavery. A collective desire to do whatever we can to bring freedom. We need change-makers, world-shakers, history-shapers. People like you!

“I will never forget the first time I heard about the work of Justice & Care. I felt compelled to do something, anything, to make a difference. When I see the real and tangible impact that Justice and Care are having in the lives of so many slaves I feel grateful that I have the privilege of contributing to their work.”


“We’re delighted to hear often from the front line team about the incredible work Justice and Care is delivering. We believe that by giving monthly we can help to support their casework sustainably, to ensure the best possible outcomes for survivors.”

Peter and Jo

“The Freedom Network is a community of investors who are passionate about fighting slavery. By giving monthly I can make more of an impact, providing consistent life-changing support to survivors that need it, and supporting the stability of the organisation as a whole. I feel so invested in Justice and Care’s strategy that I've even got my business involved."


“I signed up to give regularly to Justice and Care because the impact of their work is inspiring. Each time one of their regular emails arrives in my inbox, I'm excited to read it because I know it'll contain new stories of lives saved, systems changed and survivors being cared for. I'm confident that my money really makes a difference with Justice and Care.”

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