Volunteer for Justice and Care! Every captive free, every perpetrator brought to justice. Protecting the world’s most vulnerable takes all of us. Can you volunteer to help us to achieve our vision

Types of Volunteering

  • Drivers: to support our Victim Navigators operationally – this has the potential for long-distance driving so all mileage and expenses will be reimbursed

  • Legal Assistance: support our clients in relation to any civil claims or to support the Asylum process if required

  • Befrienders: volunteers who have the time to be able to become a friend to our clients – to support them with phone calls or assist in daily living

  • Financial Advice: help our clients understand how to budget and manage their money

  • English Lessons: support our clients in learning English

  • Social Groups: accompany our clients to support groups that they may be interested in

  • Administration: doing research for  our Victim Navigators, possibly around specific cultural needs or scoping particular areas of interest for projects

  • Translators: volunteers with skills to translate for us

  • Faith Support: accompany our clients to take part in their faith-based activities such as attending church/mosque/temple

Current opportunities:

At the moment we are not recruiting volunteers.

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