Breaking the grip of traffickers once and for all

Young girls silently slipped over borders. Women robbed of their futures. Young men broken and in despair. For too long traffickers have destroyed the lives of  vulnerable people, operating with impunity.

But we have launched a full-scale offensive in Bangladesh, uniting law enforcement, senior government leaders and community members. Together, we are going to end this brutal crime.

We reunite families

At midnight our team received a call from Border Guards Bangladesh. A young girl had escaped from exploitation in India - she was desperate to get home. We ensured her safety and tracked down her family. Reunited at last.

We empower witness’s to stand strong

Witness testimonies are fundamental to ensure traffickers are put behind bars. For too long the abusers have been free to roam, safe in the knowledge that no one will hold them to account. Last year, Justice and Care increased witness attendance by 105%, simply by guiding each witness through the legal process and providing them with the opportunity to testify.

We provide survivors with unlimited access to counselling

Psychosocial counselling is having an incredible impact on the recovery process of modern slavery survivors in Bangladesh. They are reporting a significant reduction in depression, anxiety and stress as a result of the time, attention and respect each survivor is receiving as they come to terms with their past and explore opportunities for the future.

We raise awareness with local leaders

One example is we brought together Border Guards Bangladesh, community leaders, police and local government representatives to run meetings in five locations in the border districts of Jashore and Satkhira - reaching 1,165 community leaders. These events improve coordination between stakeholders, strengthen joint working and improve vigilance in these communities. Working with local leaders and state actors is a key dimension of our strategy for creating lasting sustainable change.

We improve processes at a national level

For example, the Government of Bangladesh invited us to develop victim identification guidelines for all law enforcement in Bangladesh. As a result, victims are being rescued at a much faster rate, some within 48 hours of being reported missing.

We reduce re-trafficking rates

Economic empowerment is key to preventing re-trafficking. We help survivors access vocational training, education, financial skill training and to establish small businesses. One survivor who was supported into employment after receiving her first monthly salary, said ‘I got this job at a crucial moment and otherwise could have taken a wrong decision. I will always be thankful to Justice and Care.’

A virtuous cycle of survivor recovery

A report reveals the results of an independent evaluation of a programme in Bangladesh which set out to support survivors of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). The eighteen month project, funded by Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS), saw Justice and Care implementing a holistic approach, which was highly successful. Read the findings here:

"After coming back from India I could start dreaming again just because of the support of Justice and Care. I want to study as well as work with survivors of trafficking through your organisation."

Champion Survivor Peer Mentor

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