We dare to see a different world, free from modern slavery

We believe that to fight modern slavery on a global scale we need to equip governments and others across the world to act effectively. 

Through our experts on the ground, we spot the gaps that help criminals to flourish and limit the ability of survivors to rebuild their lives. Solution focussed, we work with governments and key stakeholders to close the gaps and bring about change at scale. We call this systemic change and it underpins all that we do.

Here’s some practical examples of how we go about being a catalyst for change.

We tackle problems head on

Our team in Bangladesh were given unparalleled access to investigate why more than 4,500 human trafficking cases were pending in the Bangladeshi court system. One reason was clear. Prosecution depends on witnesses,and witnesses were not testifying. We set up a programme to reach out to witnesses and break down the barriers from cost, to shame, to illiteracy that were stopping them giving their evidence. Judges and prosecutors have been astonished to see a 105% increase in witness attendance since the start of our intervention.

Changing legal precedent

In Bangladesh we've helped secure a legal precedent that could prove to be a game changer in helping to bring traffickers to justice. For the first time, thanks to our work, a witness was able to give evidence via video conferencing to a court hearing remotely. We know for many travel distance and cost and the fear of facing suspects in court can be barriers to people travelling to hearings. But now the precedent has been set, others from across the country will be able to give evidence in the same way.

We keep the issue on the political agenda

It’s critical for modern slavery to be a cross-party political priority - which is why we run the Modern Slavery Policy Unit, in partnership with leading UK think tank The Centre for Social Justice. We harness ours and others’ frontline operational expertise to generate smart policy recommendations to forge a way forward in the UK’s fight against modern slavery.

We publish ground-breaking reports

Modern slavery is rife in global supply chains. We set out to investigate why some approaches by governments, businesses and others are having little or no impact. From calling on governments to engage workers and trade unions in designing legal frameworks, to helping businesses understand what modern slavery typically looks like in their field of work, our recent report reveals a variety of recommendations.

We believe in working together

In Romania we've taken a leading role in bringing together 22 anti-trafficking organisations to form the ProTECT platform. Together forming a united voice to feed into legislation, strategies and action plans. We’ve now established a similar group in the UK - helping to found the Coalition to Stop Slavery.

Donate today to help bring freedom

There are millions of people living in slavery today. Your support could help set someone free and bring those responsible to justice.