We are full of hope; standing with men, women and children as they walk free from modern slavery

Wherever we work, we empower individuals to walk free from exploitation. But freedom is just the beginning of a long journey of recovery.

Men, women and children have been through unspeakable horrors. The care we provide ensures each person receives the support they need to rebuild their lives practically, physically and emotionally. 

Here’s some examples of how we’ve helped restore survivors lives – we have thousands of such stories.

We spot victims of modern slavery

In Essex our Navigator stepped in to help police correctly identify a female victim of human trafficking. Had it not been for the knowledge and intervention of our Navigator the case would have been mistakenly handled as a domestic violence episode. Instead the female was supported to return safely to Romania as she desired, and she is now being cared for by our Navigator in Romania.

We empower those that have given up on themselves

Harriet is a British survivor of sexual exploitation. She tragically passed away from a heart-related illness. But before she died, she shared about her Navigator, “I felt like the doctors had given up on me and I had almost given up on myself, but when you picked up my case it gave me more hope than I’d had in a long time.”

Walking free from exploitation can be complicated

Irini, from Romania, doesn’t know who to trust. Our Romanian team believes she’s been forced to work in a brothel in Scotland. Irini won’t talk about it. But she has immediate needs - her baby daughter. Gradually our Navigator begins to build trust and Irini begins to open up.

We celebrate as survivors become leaders

A group of survivors in Bangladesh have established their own leadership forum, ‘Joyjatri’ or ‘Journey to Victory’. They are using their brutal past experiences to work as peer mentors, provide advice and leadership to Justice and Cares programmes and consultancy to other NGOs in the sector.

Donate today to help bring freedom

There are millions of people living in slavery today. Your support could help set someone free and bring those responsible to justice.