Pioneering work in Romania. Empowering survivors

Imagine living as a family of five on £80 a month. 1000’s of children are going to bed hungry in Romania every night. Imagine being in that position. Would you accept a job offer abroad that promises an opportunity to provide for your family?

We are writing a new narrative – we no longer want victims to be seen as shameful and blamed for allowing themselves to become victims. Instead we want to stem the flow of men, women and children finding themselves exploited, to hold abusers to account and to help repatriate those that have walked free, back into their communities.  

We trailblaze new partnerships

We partnered with a leading university, mapping reintegration services and practices for survivors across Romania to help develop national reintegration guidelines as part of work funded by the British Embassy.

We reduce re-trafficking rates

We do everything we can to help survivors transform their lives so they'll never be left vulnerable to traffickers again. From helping survivors to find new work, to providing food and medical care for them and their children, to keeping them informed about UK police investigations into their exploitation.

We advocate on behalf of survivors

Cristian* is 72 years old. He is a survivor of modern slavery. But he lives in abject poverty in Romania. His house is almost collapsing, without electricity, water, sanitation facilities or gas. We’ve liaised tirelessly with local authorities to secure a retirement income for Cristian, including contacting the national archives to prove his work history since his original documents were destroyed. Our team is also working with agencies to explore options for renovating his property.

We empower survivors to walk free and testify

20 year old Alin* was trapped in financial and labour exploitation in the UK. Working across borders we arranged his safe repatriation back to Romania, including working with his family to ensure he is safeguarded on return. We’ve supported Alin to get ID documents so he can work. He has testified to police and remained engaged with the investigation into his exploitation.

Donate today to help bring freedom

There are millions of people living in slavery today. Your support could help set someone free and bring those responsible to justice.