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We believe that research needs to be informed by need and policies need to be shaped by research and practice. Because of that we do our own research and look at the evidence from our own work and other sectoral specialists to develop a deeper understanding of the systems and conditions that encourage modern slavery. We distil this learning and use it to influence conversations, decision-making and ultimately shape action at scale.

  • Research Brief – Modern Slavery in Global Supply Chains: The State of Evidence for Key Government and Private Approaches

    Published July 2022
    The globalisation of supply chains has contributed to a deterioration of labour standards worldwide, exacerbating workers’ vulnerability to modern slavery and human trafficking. Governments, private actors and worker organisations have adopted a variety of approaches aimed at tackling modern slavery in supply chains. However, available evidence on their effectiveness is still scarce, and our understanding of “what works” remains limited.
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  • Issue Brief – Digital Intelligence: New Opportunities to be harnessed in the fight against human trafficking

    Published January 2022
    This Issue Brief explores the opportunities that the digital revolution has created to more effectively, and efficiently combat human trafficking, and – importantly – to respond to the increasing use of technologies by traffickers in the advertisement, recruitment and exploitation of victims. It examines the opportunities created by the digital trail left by traffickers, and considers the key technological, legal and financial challenges that need to be addressed in order to fully harness these opportunities.
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  • Issue Brief – Awareness Raising: Examining the popular prevention approach

    Published November 2021
    This Issue Brief examines the effectiveness of awareness-raising campaigns – moving beyond the question of whether participants are informed by awareness-raising activities, to an assessment of whether they lead to behavioural changes that reduce the risk of trafficking. It considers the key drivers behind trafficking, whether the underlying assumption that information is lacking necessarily holds and the importance of targeted campaigns that are delivered by messengers credible to the target communities.
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  • Cuckooing: The case for strengthening the law against slavery in the home

    Published November 2021
    As the name suggests ‘cuckooing’ involves the gang taking over somebody’s home against their will and then using it for criminal activity such as storing and/or distributing drugs cash and weapons. Together with our partners at The Centre for Social Justice, Justice and Care is arguing for a simple change in…
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  • It still happens here: fighting UK slavery in the 2020s

    This report by The Modern Slavery Policy Unit builds on the impact of the Centre for Social Justice’s groundbreaking report ‘It Happens Here: Equipping the United Kingdom to fight modern slavery’, which led to the passing of the Modern Slavery Act in 2015. It explores the progress that has been made…
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  • Victim Navigator Interim Evaluation

    After discussions with police forces and national stakeholders, Justice and Care designed a project in 2018 involving ‘Victim Navigators’. It entailed embedding independent specialists into police teams to provide expert input to modern slavery investigations and to directly support victims of modern slavery. In order to understand the effectiveness…
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