Here are our reports, both from our policy unit and our programmes, as well as our latest annual report.

Annual Report 2020/2021

Justice and Care is committed to fighting slavery – bringing hope to those affected, justice to those responsible and bringing about change at scale through our work with governments and others. This report provides an overview of what has been achieved over the last year.

Download our annual report here.

Justice and Care Quarterly Report

October 2022

Over the last six months, we have seen huge growth in the number of traffickers brought to justice through our work, with 21 exploiters convicted and sentenced to jail. In every case, our team’s specialist support to police investigations, or our care for survivors that enabled them to testify against their accusers, has been critical to achieving the outcome in court.

In Bangladesh, we have seen survivors make exceptional recovery progress, including clinically significant reductions in depression, anxiety and stress as a result of the psychosocial counselling we provide. In Romania, we have seen survivors protected from re-trafficking by our teams intervening to help them to identify suspicious job offers and supporting them to find safe and legitimate alternative work. In the UK, our Navigators have helped survivors of domestic servitude, sexual exploitation, kidnap and labour exploitation to provide vital intelligence to police, leading to the arrest of multiple suspects.

Download the report here.

Principles for strengthening measures on Supply Chains through the new Modern Slavery Bill

October 2022

The globalisation of supply chains has contributed to a deterioration of labour standards worldwide, exacerbating workers’ vulnerability to modern slavery and human trafficking. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 led the world in addressing modern slavery in company supply chains, but non-compliance and poor-quality reporting has limited its effectiveness. The Government announced in May it would bring forward a new modern slavery bill. Building on our Research Brief on Supply Chains, Justice and Care has worked with a group of other NGOs to propose key principles for the new bill’s measures to tackle slavery in supply chains through stronger transparency reports and import controls.

Download the principles here.

Sign our joint campaign petition to ban the import of goods made with forced labour.

A Path to Freedom and Justice: a new vision for supporting victims of modern slavery

February 2022

This report builds on the Modern Slavery Policy Unit’s 2020 report It Still Happens Here which explored the progress that has been made in the UK’s response, five years on from the Modern Slavery Act, but also identifies the key challenges faced by frontline professionals who are working to fulfil their duties under the Act. Central among the findings of that report was that despite numerous reviews and incremental changes, the UK’s immediate and longer-term response to victims is not up to standard – especially because we lose vital intelligence and evidence when victims disengage or are re-trafficked.

Download the full report here or just the executive summary here.


Out from the Shadows: Transforming support for victims of Modern Slavery and Domestic Abuse with No Recourse to Public Funds

December 2021

This report explores the shared experiences of the victims of these hidden crimes, to understand and compare the support available and the impact of immigration status and having no recourse to public funds, on recovery and the pursuit of justice. Our paper outlines how enabling these victims to access support, housing, and security can stop abusers and slavery gangs in their tracks as well as supporting the pursuit of justice. We aim to influence forthcoming legislation, including the Victims Bill and the Nationality and Borders Bill, as well as the policy that underpins it.

Download the full report here.

Cuckooing: The case for strengthening the law against slavery in the home

November 2021

As the name suggests ‘cuckooing’ involves the gang taking over somebody’s home against their will and then using it for criminal activity such as storing and/or distributing drugs cash and weapons. Together with our partners at The Centre for Social Justice, Justice and Care is arguing for a simple change in the law to give police and courts the powers they need to end the harmful and criminal practice of ‘cuckooing’. This paper explores this form of modern slavery which has grown in prominence over recent years, the impact of the practice and the challenges for enforcement and uncovers a worrying gap in the law.

Download the full report here.

Victim Navigator Interim Evaluation

July 2021

After discussions with police forces and national stakeholders, Justice and Care designed a project in 2018 involving ‘Victim Navigators’. It entailed embedding independent specialists into police teams to provide expert input to modern slavery investigations and to directly support victims of modern slavery. In order to understand the effectiveness of the Victim Navigator role, Justice and Care commissioned an evaluation to run with the pilot.

Download the full evaluation here.

Parallel societies: slavery, exploitation and criminal subculture in Leicester

August 2020

COVID-19 has put under the spotlight the fast fashion industry in Leicester East, and its exploitation of thousands of (mostly immigrant) workers. Our research has confirmed that conditions in these garment factories exemplify a wide spectrum of criminality and exploitation. There is urgent need for action before a tragedy along the lines of the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh happens on our shores and on our watch. The evidence we have amassed has convinced us that only through root and branch reform of this corrupt system can we restore rule of law, fair labour conditions and dignity to the exploited.

Download the full report here.

It still happens here: fighting UK slavery in the 2020s

July 2020

This report by The Modern Slavery Policy Unit builds on the impact of the Centre for Social Justice’s groundbreaking report ‘It Happens Here: Equipping the United Kingdom to fight modern slavery’, which led to the passing of the Modern Slavery Act in 2015. It explores the progress that has been made in the UK’s response, five years on from the Modern Slavery Act, but also identifies the key challenges faced by frontline professionals who are working to fulfil their duties under the Act.

Download the full report here or just the executive summary here.


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