The International Systemic Change Unit has started developing a series of Issue and Research Briefs which review and synthesise the best available evidence in the sector, lessons from our own operations, and insights from experts and key practitioners. These Briefs are designed to inform discussion and debate on key topics within and outside our Network, enhance the effectiveness of our own operations, and drive decision making of other practitioners and policy-makers.

ISSUE BRIEF – Modern Slavery and Forced Marriage:
Examining the relationship
November 2022

Although the drivers and consequences of forced marriage are correlated with those of modern slavery, there is little consensus regarding whether and to what extent the two phenomena intersect.

This Issue Brief explores the complex relationship between forced marriage and modern slavery. It reviews the literature and empirical evidence in order to clarify when and under what conditions forced marriage leads – or may lead – to modern slavery, and highlights the importance of adopting and operationalising a clear framework aimed at delimiting the extent to which the two phenomena overlap.

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RESEARCH BRIEF – Modern Slavery in Global Supply Chains:
The State of Evidence for Key Government and Private Approaches
July 2022

The globalisation of supply chains has contributed to a deterioration of labour standards worldwide, exacerbating workers’ vulnerability to modern slavery and human trafficking. Governments, private actors and worker organisations have adopted a variety of approaches aimed at tackling modern slavery in supply chains. However, available evidence on their effectiveness is still scarce, and our understanding of “what works” remains limited.

This Research Brief reviews existing approaches to combatting modern slavery in global supply chains, examines their successes and challenges in mitigating, preventing and/or reducing human rights risks, and suggests future actions aimed at addressing this phenomenon.

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ISSUE BRIEF – Digital Intelligence:
New Opportunities to be harnessed in the fight against human trafficking
January 2022

This Issue Brief explores the opportunities that the digital revolution has created to more effectively, and efficiently combat human trafficking, and – importantly – to respond to the increasing use of technologies by traffickers in the advertisement, recruitment and exploitation of victims. It examines the opportunities created by the digital trail left by traffickers, and considers the key technological, legal and financial challenges that need to be addressed in order to fully harness these opportunities.

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ISSUE BRIEF – Awareness Raising:
Examining the popular prevention approach
November 2021

This Issue Brief examines the effectiveness of awareness-raising campaigns – moving beyond the question of whether participants are informed by awareness-raising activities, to an assessment of whether they lead to behavioural changes that reduce the risk of trafficking. It considers the key drivers behind trafficking, whether the underlying assumption that information is lacking necessarily holds and the importance of targeted campaigns that are delivered by messengers credible to the target communities.

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