Modern slavery is rife in the UK. It’s time to stop this brutal crime.

Nail bars, car washes, brothels, restaurants. Modern slavery is flourishing in the UK and silently stalking our streets.

But we are fighting it. And you can help us. Together we can bring traffickers to justice and stop modern slavery in it’s tracks once and for all. 

We provide critical and trusted advice to support investigations

Our team of award-winning Navigators are deployed in the heart of police forces across the UK. They are given unparalleled access from the very start of investigations.

We provide immediate care

While police teams focus on the abusers, it’s our Navigators who ensure survivors feel safe at the moment of rescue. The Navigators are the ones who consider essential issues such as access to food, warm clothes and a safe place to stay.

We give wraparound care to survivors

It’s our Navigators who are there for the long haul, supporting each individual to access the services they need. From counselling, to training and healthcare, our Navigators are committed to facilitating recovery for as long as it takes.

We empower survivors to bring their abusers to justice

“Every exploited person we find has a choice at the beginning to stay engaged in bringing their captors to justice, but it can take up to two years to bring the case to trial. Basic human needs take over - ‘Have I got a warm coat?’, ‘Where is my next meal coming from?’ If we can make sure that basic needs are met and that each individual is supported in the best way possible, they can stay engaged in the process.” Navigator

We are the trusted bridge

Our Navigators provide the unique link between the police investigation and survivors. By keeping survivors informed and engaged with the investigation, preparing them to attend court, managing logistics, protection measures and emotional support, we empower survivors through critical support.

We are changing the national narrative

Our UK Policy Unit looked at how government-funded survivor care is currently failing victims - making key recommendations on the vital changes needed and continuously advocating for their implementation. These included identifying and supporting victims from the earliest moment, right through to reducing re-trafficking rates. If we get government-funded care right, we know successful prosecutions follow.

We train law enforcement

The entire force of police officers at the Port of Dover received four days of training on victim identification, modern slavery legislation and the National Referral Mechanism.

Victim Navigator Programme Evaluation

Our award-winning Victim Navigator Programme has been independently evaluated since it was established in 2018. Read the final evaluation reports here:

Information and Guidance: For International Workers on Sponsorship in the Care Industry

Exploitation can happen to anyone, in any sector – but there are concerns amid a recent rise in reports of exploitation of migrant care workers in the UK. In response, our team has created new guidance for international care workers, so they can know their rights and know how to raise concerns.

“Justice and Care’s Victim Navigator Programme is helping to shape the national police response to modern slavery. It is a unique attempt to create partnership between senior police investigators and a specialist NGO, joining forces to fight against this appalling crime.”

Jenny Bristow, Detective Chief Inspector – Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit

“This would have been a difficult task for any investigation team regardless of who the victims were. In this case, our victims had extremely complex needs relating to substance abuse, mental health issues, homelessness, and vulnerabilities connected to their fear of attending court. In the simplest of terms: we could not have managed this without our Navigator.”

Police Officer, Greater Manchester Police

“Every police force I have spoken to that deals with Navigators, has been eulogising about how much this has changed the landscape of victim engagement. It’s our hardest part and this is turning the dial. It’s a voice for the victim, without compromising the prosecution.”

Caroline Haughey, King's Counsel Barrister

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