Traffickers are escaping the law. It’s time to bring perpetrators to justice

Traffickers are wreaking havoc on the lives of countless men, women and children across the United States, yet evading prosecution. We are continuing to build our presence in the US, alongside our partnership with the McCain Institute to bring global experts together to fight this brutal crime. 

We’re developing our presence in the United States

We are delighted to have Stephanie joining our family as the new Executive Director for Justice and Care US. This is a pivotal moment as we explore avenues to strengthen the fight against human trafficking in the US and develop new partnerships across the country.

We co-launched a consortium focused on prosecution

The Global Experts Consortium on Prosecuting Human Trafficking is a action-oriented space for international experts to explore why prosecution rates for traffickers are so low and to transform the investigation, prosecution and conviction lifecycle.

“Justice and Care’s support of the prosecutors consortium with the McCain Institute in America has been remarkable. Prosecutors in modern slavery and human trafficking around the world sharing their experiences. That doesn’t happen in any other criminal law. It’s an amazing thing and it wouldn’t be happening without Justice and Care. They lead the way.”

Caroline Haughey, King's Counsel Barrister

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