Our Work

We establish teams in every location we work, bringing together experts from different fields to fight slavery. Our teams work together to prevent crime, protect people, rescue and restore victims and bring to justice all those responsible.

We then use our knowledge and experience to spark systemic change, bringing our learnings to the table to help develop best practice and change laws, strategy and processes.

In South Asia, that means gathering together social workers, researchers, trainers and others to fight human trafficking as one.

In Europe, we are bringing together policy experts, public sector professionals and casework practitioners to bring about change.

Wherever we work, we do so alongside the state. We do all we can to strengthen the role of the state, whilst keeping a low profile where necessary to get the job done.

Thank you for bringing us out. Last night was the first time in many months I slept without fear. – Divya, Survivor

The Founding of Justice and Care

Fourteen years ago, a group of charity workers in India joined together, determined to find a new way to fight modern slavery – knowing that many interventions were simply not working. Meanwhile, our chairman and founders attended a dinner in London about the global problem of modern slavery. Our chairman’s 13-year-old daughter was the same age as many girls being sexually exploited in South Asia and he and his wife knew they needed to respond.

Our chairman and the team of charity workers joined forces to establish the first Justice & Care office in India – with South Asia being the global epicentre of slavery. Work on the ground began in 2008 and Justice & Care became a charity in 2009.

Since then we have seen rapid growth in operations expanding our work elsewhere. We continue to work with many of the original team in India, whilst running direct operations in Bangladesh, Romania and the UK. Our work has won global recognition, including the prestigious Thomson Reuters Stop Slavery Award. We have close partnerships with charities elsewhere and use our frontline experience to spark change at scale. Among other things this has included introducing Child-Friendly Courts in India, shaping bilateral agreements on cross border trafficking between India and Bangladesh and advising the UK Government on the Modern Slavery Act.

In Europe, our award winning Victim Navigator Programme sees specialist workers deployed in the heart of police forces in the UK and Romania to fight slavery. They are deployed with border teams and serious organised crime units. We also help the National Crime Agency with transnational cases.

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